Readers and Judges

Our readers and Judges are all industry insiders. 

We will not have students judging you or anyone outside of the entertainment industry. Our Judges and readers come from a variety of backgrounds within the industry that include Writers Guild of America members, Assistants to Agents, Managers and Producers as well as Managers and Producers.

Send us your best. We look forward to supporting and helping you grow as a writer.


Our competition is a bit different in that we are look for a script that as our name says – is a page turner. However, we use what amounts to the elements of standard Hollywood coverage to judge that. To be transparent where most other contests are not, we have put the criteria we judge scripts on below.

Please keep in mind that these various criteria are weighted and though we try to be as objective as possible some elements do have a subjective nature to them.


Does the title hook us from the beginning? Does it reflect the tone and genre of the script? Is it memorable or interesting?


How original, fresh or unique is the script’s core premise or concept. A low score in this category isn’t always bad, as many script buyers prefer tried and true concepts. In that case, it becomes a question of how well the writer delivers on the premise or concept. 


This is not about whether it’s a three-act structure or twenty acts. This is about understanding the structure of story telling in script form. Does the script open on a strong opening image? Are the first ten pages compelling and do they set the tone? Do the first ten pages set up the script? Are scenes and sequences balanced? Does structure work even if it is unconventional? Does the story make sense?


Is the story engaging and/or interesting? Is it believable in the world the writer creates? Is the story clear? Can the reader follow the story? Is the plot logical? Was the writer competent at world-building or is the story bogged down in exposition?


Does the writing set a rhythm and tone to the story in the action and dialogue? Are the scenes moving the story forward? Does the tone and pacing of the story match the genre expectations?


Are the characters interesting? They don’t have to be likeable but they must be interesting. Do readers invest emotionally in the characters? Do the characters’ actions and choices move the story forward? Are there any ways the characters are fresh and original? Are the characters well developed?


Are there identifiable themes? Does the story say something about the theme in an original way? Does the theme play through in the writing and multiple elements of the story? 


Does the story have conflict? Is the conflict meaningful to the characters? Does the conflict move the story forward?  Does the conflict rise and fall successfully? What are the stakes and are they high enough?


Is the script formatted in a professional manner? Is the script free of distracting spelling and grammar issues? How is the actual quality of the writing – the exposition? the dialogue? character descriptions? Etc… Is the writing “tight"? Does the dialogue sound natural? Does the script exhibit subtext? Are there any amateurish mistakes? Does the script “show” instead of “telling”. 


Is the script unique? Does it have a unique take on genre or theme? Does it provide a unique POV? Does the writer have something to say? Are there other ways in which it is unique? It doesn’t have to check every box but it needs to have something that is it’s own.


Does the story read clean? Does it compel you to keep reading? Can you easily relate this story to someone else?

Most importantly, is it a PAGE TURNER?

A Note on Criteria

We do not judge based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.  Great writing is great writing. Write the story you want to tell. Our goal is simply to find the most well told and readable stories out there.