The Page Turner 100, with it’s new writer focused approach and unlimited notes, was such a huge success for our writers who submitted, that it made us rethink how we do all our competitions.

Many of the writers who submitted to the Page Turner 100 emailed us asking to continue this competition as the notes were so valuable to them. The one on one notes with a professional working writer turned out to be the kind of feedback that new writers could use to dramatically improve their writing - and they did!

This led us to create an add-on that we are offering now in all our competitions.

During any of our competitions you can apply for the NOTES SPECIAL OFFER:

  1. You will receive entry into the competition.

  2. A full set of PROFESSIONAL LEVEL NOTES, complete with pages of in-depth feedback and practical suggestions on how to strengthen your script.

  3. The FIRST SET OF NOTES will include a page by page detailed edit looking for formatting, spelling, grammar or other practical issues within the script.

  4. The SECOND SET OF NOTES will be an in-depth analysis of the script based on elements of story such as but not limited to – Character, Story Beats, Theme, Dialogue, Description, etc…

  5. You will then receive a PHONE CALL FROM YOUR PROFESSIONAL WRITER-reader to review your notes and answer any questions you might have regarding them or discuss any solutions you want to pitch.

  6. Once you make your changes you are allowed to email us your updated script for RE-ENTRY into the contest.

WE BELIEVE that feedback from working writers in the entertainment industry can provide new writers with the most up to date information of how the business really works and the level their writing needs to reach for them to succeed.  

Our readers are Writer’s Guild of America members who have pitched, sold and/or written television and features.

WE BELIEVE there is more to a competition than being judged, and that is why we created what we think is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY in SCREENWRITING COMPETITIONS.

We BELIEVE that your success is our success.

We BELIEVE in you.